The Services We Provide

Making magic with Rove.

When managing your staffing needs becomes more than your facility cares to handle, our solutions could be (definitely are) the way to go. As your service provider, Rove will handle the following for you, including:

  • Screening and Reviews

  • Interviews

  • Credentialing

  • Skills Checklist

  • Compliance Tracking

  • Onboarding

  • Social Security Verification

  • Immunization & Licensing Verification

  • Nationwide Criminal Search

  • Drug Screening

  • Medical Record Verification

  • Invoice payment

  • Access to clinical liaisons who can solve any issue​

Everything you need to get top-quality healthcare professionals, right when you need them, time after time after time.

Relying us as your service provider helps you reduce costs (less overhead on your end) while maintaining a high standard of care – all without giving up one bit of control.

We Provide Staff For:

Temp & Temp-to-Hire

Per Diem


Direct Hire

Hard-to-Fill Positions


Leaves of Absence

Staff Fluctuations

Maternity Leave

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