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Success Built on Values

Deliver the best talent and insights to help healthcare organizations optimize their workforce.

Give healthcare professionals opportunities to do their best work towards quality patient care.

Create a culture of humble, driven, and smart team members who can achieve their goals, both personally and professionally.

At Rove, we tell it like it is and our actions are rooted in making a positive impact.

We ensure travelers get where they want to go in their career. And facilities find the talent they need.

We are a innovative company, started by a travel RN (Terri Mohror) who wanted better for her fellow travelers. Terri recognized a growing need for adept healthcare professionals to step in and cover unexpected staffing shortages at facilities who needed proficient talent quickly and are ready to hit the ground running. From her kitchen table, Terri began building a business that contributes positively to healthcare travelers and the medical industry.

We’re proud of who we are, who we work with, and where we’re going.


We'll always be real about expectations – both ours and yours. 

We strive to do better so we can continue to improve the lives of everyone that we touch.

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